Monthly Archives: March 2019

US Brewers Cup Champs Kaley Gann and Rose Woodard

We’re back in Kansas City for part two of our special SprudgeLive Coffee Sprudgecast series. These episodes will take you to the event floor at the 2019 US Coffee Championships in Kansas City. There we join multimedia director Elizabeth Chai, who—in addition to helming our must-follow Instagram coverage of the event—taped a series of original interviews […]

OXO Adjustable Temperature Gooseneck Kettle

OXO Canada supplied us with this unit for testing and review. As the pourover craze really started to take hold in 2008-2010, a little company called Bonavita jumped on the early bandwagon and rolled out one of the first commercially successful digital, temperature controlled, pour over, gooseneck spout kettle (whew, that’s a mouthful). They introduced […]

Rover Concept Mingles Coffee With Progressive Fine Dining

Coffee dinners are not a new concept. We’ve covered quite a few of them on Sprudge over the years and they all have a similar underlying mode: a coffee company teams up with a chef or restaurant to bring the two worlds together. Sometimes this means pairing coffee with food, sometimes it means using coffee […]

CoffeeGeek – CoffeeGeek Holiday Gift List 2018

It’s that time of year again, our Annual Holiday Gift Lists for the coffee lover in your life! You know the deal: you’re the true Coffee Nerd in your friends’ circles, and your family knows you’re the go-to coffee person too. Every holiday season they’re asking you for advice on great coffee related gifts to […]

Linea Caffe Returns Home For A New San Francisco Location

Exciting news coming out of San Francisco as Linea Caffe has announced a new location opening in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. According to a press release, the 5,000-square-foot cafe/roastery is expected to open June 1st. For Linea Caffe owner Andrew Barnett, the recently announced Mariposa Street location is a homecoming of sorts. Back in 2009, […]

CoffeeGeek – CoffeeGeek Holiday Gift List 2018

Its that special time of the year, and here’s CoffeeGeek’s suggestions for coffee and espresso related gifts for under $100 – our most popular HGL list! Also, this year we’re supporting Food 4 Farmers and are counting on your help by making a donation! You’re the Coffee Geek in your social and family circle, and […]

Scientists Are Using Coffee To Harness Solar Energy

Drinking coffee can provide a quick jolt of energy, this much we all know. But new research shows that coffee is also an effective medium for absorbing energy, specifically from the sun. Scientists have found a way to use coffee to harness solar power, and it may be a game changer. According to, current […]

CoffeeGeek – La Nuova Era Cuadra Espresso Machine

Posted: March 27, 2019, 7:54am review rating: 0.0 feedback: (0) comments | read | write The La Nuova Era Cuadra has 14 Reviews The La Nuova Era Cuadra has been rated 9.16 overall by our member reviewers This product has been in our review database since October 22, 2007. La Nuova Era Cuadra reviews have […]

The Glasgow Coffee Festival Returns To Scotland In May

The Glasgow Coffee Festival is back! Now in its fifth year, the festival will again bring together some of the roasters in the UK for two days of coffee tastings, lectures, and one of the most exciting coffee competitions to spectate. Taking place Saturday and Sunday, May 4th and 5th at The Briggait, The Glasgow […]

CoffeeGeek – Black and Decker Grinders – All

Posted: December 23, 2018, 3:58pm review rating: 2.0 feedback: (0) comments | read | write The Black and Decker Grinders has 12 Reviews The Black and Decker Grinders has been rated 6.08 overall by our member reviewers This product has been in our review database since October 22, 2007. Black and Decker Grinders reviews have […]


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