Monthly Archives: April 2019

2019 World Brewers Cup Runner-Up Discusses Competition In New Video Series

What does it take to reach the upper echelons of coffee competition? Really good coffee and lots of practice are probably two things we can all agree are required, but beyond that it’s a bit of a black box for those of us who only count ourselves as spectators. In a new video series, April […]

Now Coffee Collective Is Making Coffee Licorice

There’s been a real boom of coffee confections to make their way to the pages of Sprudge over the past week. We’ve seen ice cream topped with coffee chaff and three different varieties of cold brew gummy bears. But it’s a new week and we’re turning a corner in our coverage, pivoting towards more hard-hitting, […]

Inside The New Dogwood Coffee Roasters HQ In Minneapolis

Can you feel it? The long days are getting longer, the sunshine is getting shinier. The flowers, they bloom. Not to mention the baseball—did you know they’re playing it every day now? We’re almost—almost!—ready to gear up for an incredible Series Seven of our annual Build-Outs of Summer roving feature series, exploring the best and […]

Live From The World Brewers Cup Stage

Mohammad Fakhri’s kettle. (Photo by Elizabeth Chai) We’re back with a new episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast podcast! Sprudge Live Multimedia Director Elizabeth Chai, who—in addition to helming our must-follow Instagram coverage of the event—taped a series of original interviews for this week’s episode of the podcast with World Brewers Cup competitors from backstage. Listen to […]

Have Scientists Found A “Climate-Change-Proof” Coffee Variety?

The threat of climate change looms large over the future of coffee production. If problems like leaf rust and artificially low C prices are the past and present hurdles for coffee growers, climate change is the certainly the future (though, in truth all three problems have existed and will continue to for years to come). […]

Cold Brew Gummy Bears Exist, In Case You Were Wondering

There is no greater candy on this earth—and until we can prove the existence of alien life, the entire universe—than gummy bears, specifically the clear pineapple Haribo variety. It is the perfect candy and I’ll not abide any talk to the contrary. It stands to reason, then, that combining the greatest candy in the world […]

This Coffee Chaff-Topped Ice Cream Sounds Delicious

Chaff is a bit of a maligned byproduct of coffee production. The husk of the coffee seed, chaff is the tannish papery stuff you find in your coffee, often still stuck in the little fold-looking section of the bean. Chaff isn’t necessarily great for the flavor of a cup of coffee, and some go through […]

If You Love Coffee, You’ll Love These Award Winning Products

Crowds clamor at the Slayer Pop-Up at the 2019 Boston SCA Expo. (Photo courtesy Slayer) The Specialty Coffee Association‘s annual Expo is one of the largest coffee tradeshows in the world. With seven Sprudge folks on the floor, we covered a sampling of fine pop-ups, tech drops, and show floor surprises. All the while, our […]

Freda Yuan: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

Freda Yuan (Photo by Gary Handley) Welcome to The Sprudge Twenty Interviews presented by Pacific Barista Series. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring our 2019 featured class of Sprudge Twenty honorees, each one changing the coffee game worldwide. For a complete list of 2019 Sprudge Twenty honorees please visit Freda Yuan is an accomplished […]

Michelle Johnson’s Favorite Moments From SCA 2019

For the biggest coffee weekend of the year—the 2019 Speciality Coffee Association Expo in Boston—we sent intrepid journalist and Chocolate Barista founder Michelle Johnson onto the showfloor to put her finger on the pulse of what’s new and exciting in the coffee industry today. Here is what she found. Coffee POGs Are Most Certainly Now A […]


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