Monthly Archives: May 2019

2019 Build-Outs Of Summer—Submissions Are Now Open!

It’s that time again! It’s time for the 2019 edition of the Build-Outs of Summer, Sprudge Media Network’s annual planet-spanning survey of cafes under construction across the global coffee scene. Submissions are now open! Now in its incredible seventh season, Sprudge spends each summer delving deep into the global world of new cafes, documenting them […]

Brandywine’s New Upcycle Rewards Program

When I first got into specialty coffee, I saved every retail bag I purchased. My goal back in those halcyon days was to eventually catalog them all, taking down notes about origin, flavor, my general enjoyment of the coffee, etc. I was gonna crack this whole fancy coffee nut through diligent study. Well, I never […]

New Tour Dates Added In Chicago, Las Vegas and MPLS

You asked for more book tour, and more book tour ye shall receive. Through the last quarter of 2018 Sprudge Media Network’s founders, Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, embarked on an epic book tour across the United States, appearing in book stores and coffee houses, event spaces and chic espresso bars. The tour crisscrossed the […]

GEESAA Is The Super Customizable Automatic Brewer

The home automatic coffeemaker has come a long from the days of the Mr. Coffee. No longer just satisfied with letting a machine do much of the morning time heavy lifting, consumers are seeking a product that delivers a cafe-quality product in an easily repeatable fashion. The biggest breakthrough on that front in the past […]

In The Netherlands, Touring The Giesen Roasters Factory

Last fall, I finally got the chance to visit Giesen Coffee Roasters. Almost two years of intermittent emails, calls, texts, and mild-mannered coffee festival doorstepping had transpired between my first interview request and the morning I found myself journeying from home in Amsterdam to Giesen headquarters in Ulft. A bike, three trains, and a bus […]

Elle Jensen: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

Photo by Tony Adams. Our coverage of the Sprudge Twenty interviews presented by Pacific Barista Series continues this week on Sprudge. Read more about the Sprudge Twenty and see all of our interviews here. Nominated by Kat Melheim Elle Jensen is an entrepreneur, community organizer, and coffee professional based in Denver, Colorado. In 2015 Jensen opened Amethyst […]

Royal Coffee Is Hosting The First Ever Specialty Coffee Job Fair

Are you a Bay Area coffee professional looking to take the next step in your career? Or how about a non-coffee professional considering removing the “non” from your title and embarking on a specialty coffee journey? If you are either of these things, then Oakland’s Royal Coffee would like to have a word. Taking place […]

Coffee Design: Ithaca Coffee Company

Ithaca Coffee Company brings bold colors and rainbow holofoil to its brand new packaging. The fifteen-year-old small-batch specialty coffee roaster out of its namesake Ithaca, New York operates out of two shops in the city. “Coffee is our primary focus, but we also have a nicely curated gourmet market and craft beer selection,” says Marketing […]

Cat & Cloud Is Being Sued By Caterpillar Inc.

Chris Baca and Jared Truby, the chill Santa Cruz coffee bros better known as Cat & Cloud, are being sued. Did they steal someone’s killer wave? Did they harsh someone’s vibe in a felonious manner, possibly related to a wicked 360 ollie of some sort? No and no. They are being taken to court by […]

The Tea Masters Cup Comes To America. Sign Up Now To Compete

It’s been about a month since the completion of the 2019 coffee competition season and the withdrawals are already starting to kick in. I can’t sleep at night unless someone describes anaerobic fermentation to me before calling “Time!” Luckily for me, there’s a new competition happening next month to hold me over until 2020. Making […]


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