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Inside 43 Factory Coffee Roaster’s Stunning Da Nang Cafe

Coffee has a long, rich history in Vietnam. Sidewalk cafes with tiny tables and plastic stools are ubiquitous throughout the country. Traditional Vietnamese coffee—a phin-brewed combination of bitter Robusta and sweet condensed milk—is as much a symbol of Vietnamese culture as any other. Despite a deep cultural appreciation for coffee and being the world’s second-largest […]

Sara Frinak: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

Photo by Tony Abbott Our coverage of the Sprudge Twenty interviews presented by Pacific Barista Series continues this week on Sprudge. Read more about the Sprudge Twenty and see all of our interviews here. Nominated by Diana Mnatsakanyan-Sapp Sara Frinak is well-known to a generation of American coffee professionals as a tireless volunteer and supporter of coffee […]

They Are Putting Coffee Shops In Airport Cellphone Parking Lots Now

Finding good coffee in American airports is becoming easier and easier these days. There’s a Cartel Coffee Lab in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport serving some seriously good coffee, the Stumptown in the Portland International Airport is hands down the most beautiful airport cafe I’ve ever seen, and even though they are serving more […]

Drinking Coffee Makes You Better At Smelling Coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee. Then do it 9,999 more times and then maybe you’ll be a master at waking up and smelling coffee. Luckily, if you just want to be more adept at half of that equation—the smelling of the coffee part, not the waking up part—new research suggests that all you have […]

Starbucks Is Being Sued By Bodum

Starbucks is beset on all sides by those looking to undo them. When they aren’t battling a scrappy young upstart with a projected $500 million IPO and a can-do spirit for the top spot in the world’s largest growing coffee market, they’re artfully dodging questions about what sort of stretching regimen former CEO Howard Schultz […]

Coffee Is Good For You Until It Isn’t. Science Has Found The Tipping Point

Just when you think we’ve gotten to the bottom of this whole “coffee is good for you” thing, a new team of researchers fearlessly plumb the depths even further to find an as-yet-undiscovered cavern of coffee healthfulness. In a new study of nearly 350,000 participants, researchers from the Australian Centre for Precision Health found the […]

Gisele Rodrigues Coutinho: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

Gisele Coutinho – Pura Caffeina of São Paulo, Brazil Our coverage of the Sprudge Twenty interviews presented by Pacific Barista Series continues this week on Sprudge. Read more about the Sprudge Twenty and see all of our interviews here. Gisele Rodrigues Coutinho nominated by Sabine Parrish.  Gisele Rodrigues Coutinho is an entrepreneur and coffee educator based in […]

6 Coffee Sneakers On StockX We Need Right Now

Sneakers and coffee are a match made in heaven (so long as you’re careful about the spills). And the two worlds have never been closer together: from sneaker-themed cafes (like Portland’s Deadstock Coffee), to sneaker brands opening incredible coffee bars (like Atmos in Tokyo or Sneaker Laundry in Glasgow), to the collision of sneaker fashion and […]

Blue Bottle Recalls All Unopened Coffee Cans

The Bay Area’s Blue Bottle Coffee has issued a voluntary recall of their Coffee Can after reports that opening the container have led to injury. The company is offering a full refund on any unopened Coffee Cans from the approximately 194,000 in circulation. A 2019 Design Lab winner for packaging at this year’s Specialty Coffee […]

Tim Hortons Is Giving Away 52oz Of Iced Coffee To All The Moms

To celebrate all the mothers in the world, Tim Hortons is giving out free 52-ounce iced coffees on Mother’s Day. As reported by The Takeout, Tim Hortons is touting the near half-gallon beverage at the largest offered by a “by a renowned major coffee chain in the U.S.” All a mom has to do to qualify […]


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