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Amman, Jordan: The Sprudge Coffee Guide

Amman, Jordan’s capital and largest city, has gone by many names—‘Ain Ghazal in 7200 BCE, Ammon during the Ammonite Kingdom, and Philadelphia under the Roman Empire. Despite its long history, at the end of the 20th century the city consisted primarily of a small community of Circassian immigrants. However, after it became the capital in […]

Hopscotch Coffee & Records In Winchester, VA

The Build-Outs of Summer rolls on, quite literally in this case, with the brand new outpost for Hopscotch Coffee & Records in Winchester, Virginia. With an already established brick-and-mortar cafe and record store, Hopscotch has decided to go on tour with their brand new mobile espresso bar inside a 1972 Dodge B300 camper van. But […]

World Barista Champion Coach Federico Bolanos: The Sprudge Interview

Contrary to how it may appear, barista competitions are a team sport. While the competitor is the only person to take the stage for that fateful 15 minutes, they do so representing not just themselves but often a group of people that helped shape their run; baristas are, in short, the tip of the spear. […]

Broadcast Coffee In Seattle, Washington

This week we take a look at Broadcast Coffee Roasters that just debuted a brand refresh after 11 years of business in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by the fashion world, beer world, and Handsome Coffee Roasters, Broadcast Coffee’s new line of packaging is striking and sleek. We talked to Sales and Marketing Director Timothy Graham to […]

A Brief History Of Not Buying Coffee As Financial Advice

Coffee has for years now been the straw man burned in effigy to the gods of fiscal responsibility. It’s the reason you’re not a millionaire, why you can’t afford a house, whatever it is that you are supposed to want but don’t have, there’s some self-proclaimed financial guru out there who will tell you the […]

Help Adam JacksonBey By Throwing Down At Seeds Coffee

Adam JacksonBey is a working coffee professional in Washington, DC, a seasoned competition veteran, a former member of the Barista Guild of America Executive Council, and the official president of #coffeetwitter (as well as its sproet laureate). JacksonBey is also the recent victim of a cyber attack that cloned his Venmo account and depleted his […]

Citing A Toxic Work Environment, Baristas Walk Out At Seattle’s Slate Coffee

CW: This story contains depictions and outlinks to graphic descriptions of offensive language. Disclaimer: This story contains both direct statements and outlinks to first-person accounting of past events. Sprudge Media Network cannot independently verify the accuracy of this growing volume of claims. In the early morning hours of Saturday, June 22nd, the Ballard location of […]

Cill Fisher: The Sprudge Twenty Interview

Priscilla Fisher (Photo courtesy Priscilla Fisher) Our coverage of the Sprudge Twenty interviews presented by Pacific Barista Series continues this week on Sprudge. Read more about the Sprudge Twenty and see all of our interviews here. Nominated by Grant Gamble Cill Fisher is the co-founder of Floozy Coffee, an Australian coffee roasting and retail company based in […]


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