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A New Coffee Collab With The Godfather Of Punk

Punk is in the bones of Portland’s Stumptown Coffee. They are, after all, the only coffee brand we are aware of that has their own skateboarding team, a team that is more Thrasher than Tony Hawk Pro Skater. So when Stumptown decides to collaborate with a musician, it should come as no surprise when they […]

The 12 Host Cities For The US Coffee Champs Preliminaries Have Been Announced

We’re still in the afterglow of the 2019 coffee competition season and it’s already time to turn our attention to 2020 with today’s announcement of the host locations for the US Coffee Champs preliminary rounds. 12 in total, the prelims take place all across the country between late July and early October, and for the […]

The @wastingcoffee Guide To Not Wasting Coffee, A New Book By Umeko Motoyoshi

If you have a social media and follow coffee brands, you’ve no doubt by now seen hi-res action photography depicting dramatic arcs of coffee being flung high into the air from a Chemex or once-mighty latte art cascading towards the ground and not its actual home: someone’s mouth. If you dig a little deeper into […]

4 New World Coffee Champions Crowned At World Of Coffee Berlin

The World of Coffee at the Messe Convention Center in Berlin was abuzz over the first weekend of June 2019. That’s when four incredible world coffee champions were crowned for excellence in latte artistry, coffee cocktail mixology, cup tastery, and Ibrik brewability. Here are the four new coffee champions from the World of Coffee. All […]

There’s A New Training Program To Prepare Refugees For Jobs In Coffee

America is a land of immigrants. It always has been, contrary to what this country’s virulent new strain ultra-nationalists and their “shut the door behind you” thinking would have you believe. What makes the USA’s grand experiment worthwhile is the idea that anyone can come here to make a better life for themselves and their […]

What Summer Coffee Drink Are You?

As the days get longer and the nights get hotter we have some serious questions. Perhaps the most pressing question on our lips is…What summertime coffee drink are you? Are you a hot filter coffee person through-and-through? Or do you deviate from your normal order and indulge in an iced vanilla latte? Heck, maybe you’re a […]

Motel Beer & Coffee In Berlin

Motel Beer & Coffee out of Berlin, Germany debuts a new line of canned nitro coffee products this week at the World of Coffee at the Messe Convention Center. The new cans are collabs with Square Mile Coffee Roasters and Coffee Collective and feature coffees from Kenya and Panama. The striking labels were designed by Motel’s own Marie […]

Faema Takes Over New York City With A Pop-Up Coffee Shop

Who doesn’t love a good pop-up? No one, that’s who. Milan-based espresso machine manufacturer Faema is taking the pop-up to 11, with an extended residency stateside at 198 Allen Street in New York City. Taking place between June 3rd and 29th, Faema’s appropriately titled Pop-Up Coffee Shop will be offering a host of coffee experiences, including […]

Science Gives Up, Says 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Is Fine

At the intersection of science and clickbait, there lies coffee. What presumably start as arguments and inquiries made in good faith get twisted by we media folk into sensational headlines about “Science Proves Drinking Coffee Will Kill You” or “A New Study Shows That Drinking Coffee Will Make You Live Forever, But Only If You […]

Organic Farming, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Ant-Processed Coffee

We as consumers have in recent years put a premium on all things organic and pesticide-free; we’ve even developed opinions on monoculture systems (we don’t like them). And while all these sustainability-focused practices are decidedly good things, it’s often easy to say what folks worlds away should be doing when we have no real stake […]


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