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Paper Cup Drawings With Moonsub Shin

Freelance illustrator Moonsub Shin is turning single-use paper cups into works of art. Born and raised in South Korea, Moonsub Shin moved to New York City in 2007 and began drawing on paper cups in 2017. Drawing interiors, coffee gear, and baristas, Moonsub Shin captures the vibe and subtle details of each cafe. We’ve seen […]

The Tea Masters Cup Comes To America. Sign Up Now To Compete

It’s been about a month since the completion of the 2019 coffee competition season and the withdrawals are already starting to kick in. I can’t sleep at night unless someone describes anaerobic fermentation to me before calling “Time!” Luckily for me, there’s a new competition happening next month to hold me over until 2020. Making […]

2019 World Brewers Cup Runner-Up Discusses Competition In New Video Series

What does it take to reach the upper echelons of coffee competition? Really good coffee and lots of practice are probably two things we can all agree are required, but beyond that it’s a bit of a black box for those of us who only count ourselves as spectators. In a new video series, April […]

Live From The World Brewers Cup Stage

Mohammad Fakhri’s kettle. (Photo by Elizabeth Chai) We’re back with a new episode of the Coffee Sprudgecast podcast! Sprudge Live Multimedia Director Elizabeth Chai, who—in addition to helming our must-follow Instagram coverage of the event—taped a series of original interviews for this week’s episode of the podcast with World Brewers Cup competitors from backstage. Listen to […]

Du Jianing Of China Is The 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion

Du Jianing of China is the 2019 World Brewers Cup Champion. This is Jianing’s first win in three World Brewers Cup appearances, finishing 15th in 2016 and 8th in 2018. Watching Du Jianing’s winning Finals routine on Sunday, one couldn’t help but feel like you were sitting around her kitchen table or at a practice […]

US Brewers Cup Champs Kaley Gann and Rose Woodard

We’re back in Kansas City for part two of our special SprudgeLive Coffee Sprudgecast series. These episodes will take you to the event floor at the 2019 US Coffee Championships in Kansas City. There we join multimedia director Elizabeth Chai, who—in addition to helming our must-follow Instagram coverage of the event—taped a series of original interviews […]

An Acapella Cup Near Timberline

Discovering notes of flavors in a good cup of coffee has never seemed peculiar to me, not in the least. And it’s been a blessing, indeed, the times and places I’ve heard distinctiveness breathe unabashed while cradled in my hands a cup held music! Albeit nothing more than someone humming as they cut firewood beside […]


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