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Tim Hortons Is Giving Away 52oz Of Iced Coffee To All The Moms

To celebrate all the mothers in the world, Tim Hortons is giving out free 52-ounce iced coffees on Mother’s Day. As reported by The Takeout, Tim Hortons is touting the near half-gallon beverage at the largest offered by a “by a renowned major coffee chain in the U.S.” All a mom has to do to qualify […]

CoffeeGeek – Smoking Your Iced Coffees

I know the title is confusing, so let’s end that right way: this article is going to take a brief look at applying smoke to an iced coffee beverage. For years now, many of the world’s top bartenders have been playing around with a device from a company called Polyscience, called “The Smoking Gun”; this […]


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