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Organic Farming, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Ant-Processed Coffee

We as consumers have in recent years put a premium on all things organic and pesticide-free; we’ve even developed opinions on monoculture systems (we don’t like them). And while all these sustainability-focused practices are decidedly good things, it’s often easy to say what folks worlds away should be doing when we have no real stake […]

If You Love Coffee, You’ll Love These Award Winning Products

Crowds clamor at the Slayer Pop-Up at the 2019 Boston SCA Expo. (Photo courtesy Slayer) The Specialty Coffee Association‘s annual Expo is one of the largest coffee tradeshows in the world. With seven Sprudge folks on the floor, we covered a sampling of fine pop-ups, tech drops, and show floor surprises. All the while, our […]

A Story Love, Coffee, And The American Dream

I love coffee books. How to brew it, how to pour it real pretty, everything someone knows about it, new rules for it: if words are committed to paper about coffee, I’m into it. It should come as no shock then that Sarina Prabasi’s new book The Coffeehouse Resistance: Brewing Hope in Desperate Times, released […]


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